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Showing the Whole Picture

Howdy there!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Arg, i’m totally annoyed with the fact that I have not been updating you guys with my progress this month. I won’t lie… I’ve definitely discovered that motion film is NOT my forte. My brain doesn’t exactly think in motion or camera angles or plots. Although I suppose most people’s don’t. And I guess since most of the month was filled with me being aggravated or just flat out avoiding the damn thing.. I figured I didn’t have much to post about. (wrong!)

After talking the other night with the beau, I realized that I’ve gotten a little off track of what I wanted this blog’s purpose to be. This is a place to record my journey – both the exciting and terribly frustrating.

Being the excellent little perfectionist that I am, I’ve conveniently omitted posting much of anything about the struggles I’ve had thus far (hence the lack of posting this month – a LOT of struggle going on!) Which pretty much means I am leaving out HALF the journey!

So from here on out, I am making it a point to write a MINIMUM of two posts each week. I will write at least one post each month that focuses on the frustrations or struggles I’m going through as well. This will definitely help to keep me honest and hold me accountable for not slacking on my projects too – which I quite honestly did pretty badly this month. (and obviously did not want to share with the world my pathetic lack of effort. lol)

So here’s to a new month, and to trying this thing in a new, more comprehensive way!
I’ll be posting later this week with the finished video – as I’m still cutting it all together. I’ll also be posting a nifty little quarterly update about everything I’ve learned in these first 3 months of the project.

Stay tuned! =)

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